A New Creation

When I was working with inner city kids at camp this summer, we dedicated every Wednesday to teaching the kids about “transformation.”  God’s Word: “For if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old has gone and the new has come.” We found this incredible YouTube video showing the metamorphosis of a catepillar to a butterfly.  My favorite part every week was to hear the kids’ collective gasp when at last the butterfly appeared. Can you believe it?  How the heck did that happen?!

It’s a great analogy…but it doesn’t seem quite so neatly packaged in real life.  I wake up most mornings feeling like I’m pulling another 120 pounds of dead weight. I turn around and there she is dragging behind me: old self.  She has an endless supply of material to whine about, an impeccable memory to the faults of others and hurts of the past, and even worse, she dresses up for church.  I can’t stand her, yet I dutifully drag her around.

Sara Groves always says it better:

Feels like I have been waking up
Only to fight with the same old stuff
Change is slow and it fills me with such doubt
Come on New Man where have you been
Help me wriggle from this Self I’m in
And leave it like a skin upon the ground

(“Like a Skin”)

Change has been a buzzword for our generation, but I haven’t seen a lot of follow-up on that front.  We sure all love the idea, though, don’t we? Well, if God says I am a new creation, I’m pretty sure that He does know what He’s talking about.  I see it in little ways here and there, when a ray of light is shed into darkness of fear and doubt, or in certain paradigm shifts in my thinking that were slow and painful in coming, but are here to stay now. 

God transcends time and He sees all of it as concurrent, so I often wonder what God sees in that final, completed picture of me.  What does He dream for me? What will be His perfect ends to perfect means? What does she look like?  How does she think?  How does she act?  The best part of these questions is the He’s going to get me there.


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