When I was studying abroad in Israel we lived on Yad Hashmonah, a moshav that earned its livelihood through tourism, we always got to be a part of the weekend brunch that was famous enough to draw crowds each time.  It was a welcome change from the typically suspect array of eggs and potatoes, but there was one food that I was always willing to stand in line for and risk the the wrath of the grouchy grillmaster for coming back for seconds and thirds: grilled cheese.  No, I am not referring to Kraft cheese melted between two pieces of white, starchy bread.  I’m talking about cheese, grilled to perfection.  Golden brown and crispy on the outside, melted buttery texture on the inside…I would walk 5,000 miles for that.  Well, I’ve been craving it now for six full years.  When I shop in some of those elite, Valencia-mom style grocery stores I always look for it among the bries, the goat cheese cheeses, and the interational varieties, but have never been able to find it.  I’ve tried grilling all kinds of cheeses in frying pans hoping for the same result, but it always ends up in a gooey mess.  Failure.  Until one day, things changed.  I was minding my own business, looking for the eggs aisle in your normal grocery store on the main drag, when I glimpsed a package in the cheese section that looked unique.  I had to try, so I picked it up and there I saw a very small, but very distinct picture of a piece of cheese with grilling marks on the outside.  Aaaaaah!! 



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