Practice it Like Scales on a Piano

I’ve been living under a gray, gloomy cloud ever since Spring Break abruptly ended and Ashley, Andrea, and Grace flew home. The weather changed to sunshiny and warm to gray, lonely, and depressed, and so did I. The old me popped up again and I completely lost it. Woe is me. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t exercise my self control at that moment and pray for strength to turn and look the other way, but I didn’t.
Today, I will.
I am thankful for my……
1. Job (all 32 of them. Yes, it’s a handful, but would things be quite the same if one of those faces were missing? Aren’t they the ones who so often brighten my day with their antics?)
2. Car (it’s insane that it’s still faithfully running)
3. Hair (Isn’t it great that I’m not bald?!)
4. Solitude (=intimacy with God)
5. Church (that they would be so all about this new next step; and work with me to get there)
6. Grace’s little baby sock by my bed (to remind me that even though there aren’t here right now, they once were, and even the missing of them can remind me of the blessing that they are to me)
7. Roommates (who put up with me, and still let me eat their creations and play Guitar Hero with them)
8. Legs (because I love running and am glad that they work, at least for today)
9. Edith Schaeffer (one of my all time heroes…who fairly often echoes in my mind with her wisdom, “Practice thankfulness as you would the scales of a piano.”)
10. The fact that I can honestly admit that this list is truly inexhaustible if I would only stop and really SEE how everything in my life is, was, and always has been a direct line pointing me back to my loving, faithful Savior, and that he will continue to spin this little lump of clay on the wheel for as long as it takes.


One thought on “Practice it Like Scales on a Piano

  1. “hair.” hahaha. yes, i’m thankful you’re not bald too! i’m thinking about reading an edith schaeffer book at your recommendation, bub! but it’ll have to wait for a lil while b/c i just got 2 new books today, incl. nancy leigh demoss’ “choosing gratitude: your journey to joy” b/c i have the same struggles as you. i’ll let you know how it is. 🙂

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