Ten Things that Brought a Smile

  1.  “Get away from me if you’re not going to listen to my problems!”  overheard at recess.
  2. My principal let me off the hook from doing a miserable outdoor supervision duty in the pouring rain this week because I have a cold. Bless that woman!
  3. Hoarse vocal chords. Nothing gets you more sympathy than not being able to talk, and this is one of the least painful of all the symptoms I’ve ever had.
  4. I think someone I’ve been praying for for awhile is softening to the gospel.  I see little cracks in her.
  5. My roommate gave me a box of roll ups.  I love them.
  6. The rain.  I like it sometimes.
  7. One of my campers from the summer wrote me a note thanking me for my influence in her life.  I know it was really God all along. I love seeing Him be the hound of heaven to her.
  8. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, my student J: “What’s that thing that you call those people who cut people open and squish around all their guts?”  (Ummnot quite sure how to answer that one….I can think of a few ideas.How do I break this one to mom?..…OH, I know!… “I believe you mean a forensic scientist.” Whew, I can leave the straight jacket at home after all!
  9. Met a woman from France on Sunday who told me that the way teachers punish overly social students in their classroom was by quite literally putting tape over their mouths.  (My kids have no idea how good they have it.)
  10. As always, I am truly inspired by Francis Chan’s decision to step out in faith into the unknown.  If you haven’t read his book Crazy Love, do.  If you haven’t heard what he’s doing, watch it here: http://vimeo.com/11060330

I went to his church Sunday night and was blown away by Revelation 3 how I need to live my life in reverence before a holy God.


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