Simplifying Technology

Thanks to Todd Bolen, I’ve started using a useful tool that simplifies technology and allows you to glean information from a variety of sources efficiently: a feed reader. This is a major time saver.

Watch this short, user-friendly tutorial on how it works:

I LOVE this!  I can get up-to-date on all the blogs and articles that I never have time to read or sift through during the week, can quickly skim and browse and “star” the articles I’m interested in reading, and discard those that are not worth my time. After 5-10 minutes of weeding though, I click on a folder for all the articles that I “starred,” and start reading.  It’s like a personalized newspaper that touches on all the topics that are most interesting to me. I can see all my friends’ cute new baby pictures, read the latest news from National Geographic and World, hear the latest on political hot topics from a Christian perspective, get updated on the missionaries I am praying for, and be encouraged to walk in a manner worthy by my favorite Christian heroes all in the same spot. So great! The best part of this tool is that I never have to check blogs individually anymore, and I won’t miss any new posts just because I was too busy to look for updates. All the new articles automatically go into the reader to be filtered at my convenience.  I don’t have to spend hours surfing the different sites, but can get caught up over an extra cup of coffee on Saturday morning. I highly recommend it.


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