I am Coming

I just finished reading a book about a couple who felt God calling them to work with street children in Brazil and started a grass roots ministry that grew from a one-room open kitchen to a network of ministries in multiple cities reaching the poor, sick, and oppressed in Brazil with the gospel of Christ. This couple truly laid down their lives and served these difficult kids from dawn until dusk, even adopting an abandoned baby with severe learning disabilities into their family. The stories about the lives of these street kids and the transformation made my Jesus in many of them is faith-strengthened and awe-inspiring, but this one really got me:

 “We developed specialized training to care for children with AIDS. . . Children were lovingly cared for at Refuge House . . . Sometimes when I needed a quiet place to write newsletters or take care of other paperwork, I used one of the rooms at the Refuge House. One day I had fled the phone and people at our own home and enjoyed the quiet serenity of this home. A five-year-old little girl with advanced AIDS was walking through the garden. When she came closer to my open window I could hear her singing a song that she made up as she walked along. She was totally absorbed in the song and unaware that I could hear her.

 “Dear Lord Jesus, I am so happy. I love you. I’m going to live with You. You love me. Lord Jesus, I am coming. It’s going to be beautiful to be with You.”

I felt a lump in my throat.”

(Jeanette Lukasse, A Cry from the Streets)

A song sung from a redeemed heart of the least of these. A life marred tragically by the sin of others, but chosen and carefully given worth by a Savior. Nothing could be more beautiful to His ear than this. Lord, make my heart so simple and in love with you.


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