The Peak

 I have many things to be thankful for today. So many things that have been there the whole time, and so many things that are new.  Thank you for praying. God has answered abundantly. The two biggest pieces of news I have regarding Tanzania:

  1. I found out that I will be teaching 6th grade Bible class in addition to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English classes.  I can’t imagine a more wonderful assignment.  It feels like I’ve been given a  birthday gift that is so perfect and undeserved that I feel I can’t accept it, though I desperately want to.
  2. I have a place to live, in a house with several other female teachers.  It is right across the street from HOPAC with a view of the Indian Ocean.  Finding housing has been a serious concern and my primary prayer request for several weeks now, especially since this is usually a mission agency’s responsibility (something I don’t have). All I did was initiate this process with an email, only to find that it was all already taken care of.  God, You are so good to me.

I’ve been running more hills lately, and it’s gotten me thinking……

We run so hard for so long.  Sometimes with lighter steps full of hope. Sometimes with quick, pounding sprints of enthusiasm.  Sometimes seemingly neverending, slow, dull miles of drudgery.  Sometimes barely able to put one foot in front of the other, pushing through a wall of pain. It’s hard to envision the finish line or even remember why we’re running on some days. All the while, there is the One who gives us the strength and the grace to continue.  Once in every great while, after an agonizing fight through a steep ascent, just when we’re fainting from the effort and longing for defeat…we hit a peak. In a split second, the searing pain is a distant memory, and the breathtaking view spans as far as the eye can see. Looking back at the road traveled brings only the sweet satisfaction that a conqueror can have. It was a rough, sometimes excruciating climb, but we don’t regret climbing it for a minute. The beauty and vastness of the view behind and before, and the elation of victory carry an exquisite form of joy that we could not have any other way. It is born of pain and effort. Every runner in this great race knows exactly what I’m talking about. We cannot stay here. There are many miles left to go, and other, bigger hills to climb.  But today, we look at the view below and feel the gentle breeze, and bask in this joy.  And this pleases The Giver.


3 thoughts on “The Peak

  1. such great blessings the Lord has given you! praise the Lord!!

    p.s. you’re such a good writer. i always knew it. 😉

  2. hey you! I just found your blog since you had linked mine. So happy to get to know you more! I’m going to pass this along to a friend of mind who may or may not be one of your roommates. 🙂 I am SO thrilled you are going to teach 6th grade Bible! That is the class I have taught the last 4 years. I told Jane that I was ready to “move on” if someone else could teach it. So glad it will be you! I will have lots of share with you. The curriculum is awesome! Maybe when summer comes, I could tell you more about it so that you can get ready.

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