Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful

I have to admit that this post is slightly dated (two weeks ago), but things have been pretty crazy and are only going to get more so in the next two weeks, so I revert to previously written posts.  Please pray for my witness to my coworkers that I have been praying for these past two years as I say goodbye, and for the stamina and time to get everything else in order, including a mound of end-of-school paperwork, nailing down budgeting for Tanzania, and packing my entire classroom. It has been, and will continue to be, somewhat of an emotional roller coaster. 

May 17th:

Teacher Appreciation Week is admittedly over the top, but I’m not complaining. A different child met me each day with a smile and a white mocha, sometimes two.  Starbucks white mochas have been our little joke all year.  I couldn’t possibly drink all of these, but can’t get myself to throw them out. Guess the joke’s on me.

There are times when I think I am positively crazy to ever to have wanted to be a fourth grade teacher.  There are other times when I think I have the best job in the world.  As the school year rolls to a close and some of the kids get nostalgic in their reflections, I remember why the long, exhausting hours, exasperating questions, and irritating parents are all worth it. Maybe some of these kids are looking for an easy A, but I’ll take them all as genuine.   

Kids really are very forgiving.  I don’t want to think about the many times I spoke sharply to them or gave them “the look” when it really wasn’t their fault. I’m glad that my relationship with my class is based on grace and short memories.  Maybe not such a great quality when it comes to academics, but quite wonderful when it comes to people. May I extend this same grace to all those around me.


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