A Thousand Words

The living room (already furnished and decorated, thanks to housemates!)

View from the roof (the best part of this place!)

View from the roof part II (I've taken to doing yoga and P90X up here!)

I DO have about a thousand words to go with these pictures, but I’ll only post a few a little bit later, for fear of overwhelming my audience.

My Room!

Got the rug at the open air market to make it homey.

The Bed (complete with mosquito net)

Here's the kitchen (water filter in the corner so we don't get sick).


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. it can never be overwhelming! we want lots of details and pictures!
    ps…tanzania seems GORGEOUS from your rooftop picture! i always pictured africa as being brown and wasteland-ish. i’m glad it’s not! 🙂

  2. I’m overwelmed with with your blog and the great work you are doing. I use to go to church in Langois . And me and your Dad (Rick) had some very incitful talks.
    My daughter Dawn is going into the Peace Corp after she graduates H.S. One more year . O bye the way.
    We lived just down the street from your family.
    Live in God’s Word .
    Sincerily Daniel R Georgeson

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