God Made Them

Mosquitoes are no strangers to Africans.  There is even an African legend tracing the reason mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears to a pesky mosquito who once told a fib that ruined the entire food chain until he was discovered.  His guilty conscience led him to forever confess to everyone he met….hence the pesky buzzing. I, personally, have had quite a few run-ins with these guys since I first got here and have many war wounds to prove it.  However, I had my doubts about the effectiveness of mosquito nets until I woke up one morning to discover two of those little guys that had died while obviously trying in vain to get through the net for their dinner.  Whew! I also noticed a hole in my net, which I quickly patched up with…..you guessed it…..DUCK TAPE! I also got a mosquito zapper, which basically looks like a tennis racket that has electric currents flowing through the netting when you turn it on.  Whack one of those little guys with this handy tool, and “ZAP!” they’re toast.  Quite satisfying.  The count so far is Heather: 2, Mosquitoes 14. Don’t worry, I’ll get the hang of it soon.

He tried to get in, to no avail!

Might as well post a "Welcome Mosquitoes" sign over this.

Not so welcome anymore, thanks to my trusty DUCK TAPE!

They may have won the battle........

but they WILL LOSE the war!


7 thoughts on “God Made Them

  1. hahaha! cute pics, heath! you & your duct tape are becoming good friends. 🙂 i heard the other day that aloe is a great natural remedy for mosquito bites. not sure if you can get some, but i’ll pray just the same. 🙂

  2. LOL, Heather, I knew you had that killer instinct in you somewhere! I know you’re not teaching math, but if you were, the mosquito war counts would have been a great lesson! Also, already you’ve taught me how to spell mosquito correctly. 🙂

    Funny thing about DUCK TAPE. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw that Duck Tape comes in a variety of colors. I thought it was only gray. I bought a roll of WHITE, for any sort of emergency fixes we might need to make at Jessica’s wedding. Can’t you just see how well white duck tape would work for a wedding? LOL I had a laugh over that, and then seeing you write about Duck Tape.

    Your smile is as beautiful as ever…
    Love, Heidi

  3. Ha ha ha!! Good school teacher face!! I tell you, a black or green tea bag as hot as you can stand it on the bite will stop the itching. Then you can also drink the tea, as a bonus. Just don’t drip it on anything light-colored, as it’s kind of a dye….Walked with Bonnie and Diana this morning, and they’ve been really enjoying your blog posts – thanks!! Praying for you, my fierce Mosquito Warrior…

  4. PS. You DO know that it’s “duct” tape. There is a brand of duct tape called DUCK tape, cuz that’s what most people think it is, since our American diction is so sloppy… lol…thought you’d love this tidbit! But our family is an OSU “Beaver” family, not a U of O “Duck” family, so ponder that one in your free time…

  5. Heather,

    I don’t often get to see your writings but I did want to say that you are in our prayers and it looks like they are working. You seem happy, content and full of life as you teach and learn in this faraway place. We think of you often and wish you safety and good health. We anxiously await your return. God bless and stay safe.


    Unca Roy

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