Cooking in Africa Part 2: Passion Fruit

The first time I saw passion fruit in a fruit salad I thought the salad had molded. Turns out the so-called “mold” was actually the little black seeds from passion fruit.  They are sold at all the “dukas” (road side markets that line the streets here) and grocery stores for very, very cheap, and their wrinkled, pale yellow skin actually makes them look like fruit gone bad. 

Cut one of these babies in half to reveal a cluster of these little seeds in yellow, citrusy juice.  They have the look and consistency of fish eyes but have a wonderful sweet-tart flavor and are packed with tons of vitamin C.

I am in love with passion fruit! They are kindly replacing the place that strawberries used to have in my life.


2 thoughts on “Cooking in Africa Part 2: Passion Fruit

  1. I hope that does TASTE good, ‘cuz it doesn’t LOOK good! I love our Welche’s sugary-passionfruit juice here, that’s about as close to that fruit as I come!

    PS Where’s your other earring? 😉

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