Various Adventures

Went with a group from school to watch baby turtles be released into the ocean.

So fun watching them swim away!

This one got a little lost.

The super awesome Kate and fantastic Jen and I riding a bajaji to the beach!

Riding a bajaji is kind of like riding a roller coaster ride, with more realistic fear.

Once of the various critters that calls our house his home.

My neighborhood.

Where I walk to school every morning.


4 thoughts on “Various Adventures

  1. Is this Jen Moser? I’ve been following her blog, too! I can think of a lot of children that would LOVE to have those critters crawling around their house! In fact, it actually seems COOL to ME.

  2. Aww! Poor little turtle! Is he alive? Poor little thing. I hope you helped him find his way to the ocean! Also, fun getting to see what you are up to!

    • Lindsay….you would have LOVED this! So amazing to watch them jump into the great, big ocean. The truth is that only a very small fraction of them make it, which is why the ones that live stay alive for a VERY long time (like 100 years, I think!)

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