Cooking in Africa Part 3: Do-it-Yourself Dairy

There is also no cream cheese or sour cream, here, so we make it ourselves.  You can buy a creamy dairy product called Mtindi that comes in plastic packages for pennies, and strain it to produce the desired consistency for either cream cheese or sour cream.

It starts out like this…..

Then, several hours later, voila, the finished product….

It tastes great and is all natural.  Plus, it makes me feel quite powerful than I can make my own, even if it’s not that hard. My next step will be to learn how to make it into different flavors, like mango, or roasted bell pepper, or chocolate. Okay, maybe not chocolate.


7 thoughts on “Cooking in Africa Part 3: Do-it-Yourself Dairy

  1. Okay, chocolate sour cream? What about that does not sounds perfect! 🙂

    We are starting up my Mom’s Bible Study on Saturday… its not going to be the same without you!

    • Well, when you put it that way…you’re right! Would I just use cocoa powder, you think? We don’t have any melting chocolate here….hmm…. Oh MAN! I SO need to be a part of that study with you guys. So so sad. 😦

  2. ha..i agree with lindsay- chocolate cheese cream just sounds like a tasty treat!’s variety of flavors are prevalent everywhere except for the US! 🙂

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