Wanted: A Little Sunshine

A nice walk outside the school.

Some have been asking me if there’s anything I would like from the states.  The good news is, the things that would really, really mean a LOT to me can be sent online (see #1-4) While #1, #2, and #3 are by far the most valuable and encouraging to me, any of the below items would completely make my day.

  1. Facebook emails/messages…..I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from you!  Even though it’s much easier for me to check my mail than to send it (I’m currently using the web browser on my kindle, which works great on facebook but not at all for hotmail,  and does take forever to type back) Second only to your prayers, these messages go a very, very long way in staying encouraged here.
  2. Pictures of You!  Because my walls are bare and I want to remember you, and because you make me smile.
  3. Quotes and/or Scripture that have encouraged you that I can put on my office walls
  4. Songs that have encouraged or inspired you. I can download them on itunes when our internet is working.
  5. Any kinds of music mixes on CD (not sure if it would make it through the mail, though)
  6. Starbucks Via (to get me through days after long, sleepless nights)
  7. Bobby pins
  8. Hair Ties
  9. Coffeemate hazelnut coffee creamer (powdered)
  10. Nail polish (the little things go a long way in preserving sanity!)
  11. Cortisone cream (because sometimes it feels like I have chronic chicken pox, thanks to these persistent mosquitoes)
  12. Head lamp (for frequent power outages)
  13. White out
  14. Mechanical pencils

Tips for Mailing Packages:

When asked to describe the package, make it as nondescript and uninteresting as possible, or use really big words, so no one will help themselves to it.  (ie: putting words like “various assortment of confectionary items” for candy; putting “used,” or “secondhand” for any times that it might apply…or make it applicable by using the items your planning on sending, etc).


4 thoughts on “Wanted: A Little Sunshine

  1. Really love this list!!!
    I don’t think you want the songs that have inspired ME, pretty much southern Gospel quartets (the Cathedrals), and acapella groups (Acappella and Rescue), Smokie Norful, Reggae Sunday School….should I stop now???!!
    Such a pretty path, with the palm trees on each side.
    Well, now to print out pix – did you get the first batch I sent you?
    lots of love,

  2. Hi Heather! (I hope you get my little package to you.) I loved this list: Do you still need items 6 – 14??? It’s a great list. Here are 3 favorite songs that have helped me and that I love – maybe you could find and download them if you don’t already have them.: Be careful, because they may get stuck in your head for days!
    1. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands: by Tim Hughes
    2. Let My Life Song Sing to You: by Casting Crowns
    3. Blessed Be Your Name: by Matt Redman

    Heather, take care!!! I love you and pray for you often. I was saddened to hear of loss your students had to suffer with their parents dying. How tragic. I’m sure your faith will be an encouragement to both of them.
    Love, Aunt Sallie

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