What Does Daniel Have to Do With Simba?

I haven’t posted many pictures up until now for three reasons:

  1. I stick out like a sore thumb everywhere I go, but bringing a camera and snapping pictures makes that fact about a thousand times worse, and also makes me a target for theft.
  2. I kind of believe that you either have to live your life or take pictures of it.
  3. It takes a really long time to upload pictures to the internet.

However, I know that pictures are one of the best means of communication, so let this post be less words, and more “photo journal.”

Happy day! I got a package in the mail today from my dear, dear friends Bill and Adele Konecko, complete with coffee creamer (yeah!), bobby pins, hair ties, nail polish, Cortisone cream, mechanical pencils, and white out. I painted my toenails then and there in the middle of my office.  And I felt pretty. And normal. And that was good. Thank you guys!

I had a minute to snap a few shots of my seventh grade English class as they were preparing to act out a scene from “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.”  It was fun to watch them have fun with it, and I’m excited to see the finished product as they act out their final scenes with props on Monday.

Marie and I headed back to work with the kids in William’s village again this Saturday, so I took it as a chance to take a few snapshots of the area. 

A woman working in a garden.

Tanzania is full of "micro businesses." People make a living by selling beans on the side of the road, in tiny shacks (dukas), or on bikes. These guys pedal all over the place selling eggs. It's quite convenient, actually!

A typical duka and African house.

Taught the kids how to play "Steal the Bacon," but changed the name to "Steal the Pipi (Candy)." They got really into it.

Playing "What Time is it, Mr. Lion?" Bet you didn't know you already knew at least one Kiswahili word: the word for "lion" is "simba."

Marie passing out stickers.William telling the story of Daniel and wasimba's den.

So precious!

William telling about Daniel and wasimba's den.

On a completely random side note, on our way to William’s village, we always pass an impressive cement factory which I learned was inspiration for Roald Dahl’s chocolate factory in his book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Yup, Roald Dahl spent several years living in Dar as a representative for the Shell Oil Company before he launched his writing career. I knew I liked that guy.

Charlie's Chocolate Factory

I still need your prayers very much as I’m starting to take on more ministry outside the school, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter.

Prayer Requests

1.       To be able to build meaningful relationships among the high school girls in the Medina’s youth group that I’ll be helping out with this year.

2.       Clarity and wisdom in teaching Bible class to the sixth graders.

3.       The Christ would be at the center of every class that I teach.

4.       Patience, kindness, and obedience.

5.       That I would give thanks in all circumstances, including tiredness, masses of ants and mosquitoes, being a “mzungu,” and heat.


1.       Laura Gordon, our high school English teacher, has arrived! PTL!

2.       I’ve been in great health up to this point.

3.       Electricity has been working pretty consistently.


So it’s been another exciting, blessed, and exhausting week. Mungu na mwema…..God is good!


7 thoughts on “What Does Daniel Have to Do With Simba?

  1. Heather Sue you are my kinda gal! Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors cuz of The BFG! Thanks for the pics! They were precious!

    Love you sister!
    Barb xoxoxo

  2. Hi Heather! I just love each and every photo you put up. You bring your life to LIFE with your words, but your photos bring meaning behind the words. The heat. The dust. The moment of beautifying those cute toes! HA! Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news….that’s the verse I thought of when I saw those toenails.

    Your school children look like a great class. I think each one was chosen by God to be influenced by you. I will pray they all know Christ because of the seeds you plant.

    The kids in William’s village….Wow. A smile is indeed universal! I can only image they were smiling BACK at ya, Heather. And I know God is smiling down on your for the work you are doing all for Him.

    This is so long, I should have written an email, huh?
    Have a great week! Love, Heidi

  3. Praise #1 and #2 – YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! God IS good, even in the mosquitoes and the heat (remember, the “why” questions are the hardest to answer.. 😉


  4. I met Ms. Tredick (sp?) today! She taught us the depth and complexity training on her fall break. Wow! I bet you’re an expert on those!
    Barb xoxoxo

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