Let me tell you a little bit about one of my eighth graders. He’s a tall, athletic guy with one of those great senses of humor that can only be appreciated by those who sit next to him, since he’s not one to blare it from the rooftops. He’s laid back and I can tell that English isn’t his favorite subject, although more than once he’s had made my day with his quirky vocabulary sentences.  I’m glad he’s willing to share his humor with me.  He comes into class and tends to fly low on the radar, but I’d bet that most of the members of the class appreciate him by now.  He’s also in my service learning class, and has been one of my favorite students to watch as he’s stepped up and taken leadership in his own unassuming way. When we went with our group to one of the overcrowded, impoverished schools in the area to teach the kids English, his responsible attitude and sensitivity to the pupils in the school was truly a beautiful thing to watch. Although he’s definitely one of the “cool kids,” he was willing to serve. He didn’t take on a superior attitude, but discreetly removed his watch without any prompting from me before entering the school to help bridge the economic gap.  His name is John. He lost his dad last night.  Please pray for him.


4 thoughts on “Pain

  1. I’m also praying for John and his family. Also for you, since you, as his teacher, are a key support person that God has placed in his life. Carefully placed there, in Tanzania, at HOPAC, at this time of great need…
    Love you and praying for you,

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