Orange Wedding Dresses, Psuedo-Mommy Brain, and Other Oddities

This past month has been the busiest and hardest so far. I’ve been itching to write sometime, to read my online World magazine, or to read another classic, but I haven’t had time to do any of those things.  Actually, the real truth is that I haven’t had the brain power to do any of those things.  It sounds like a lame excuse but it’s really not. I told my friend and co-English teacher today that I now understand “mommy brain.” Chronic lack of sleep and too many things to think about, except here, I have those two things working against me, but I also have “overheated brain,” which is simultaneously hilarious and scary.  I had a student come up to me at the beginning of the period today and tell me about how she spilled water on a homework assignment and would have to let it dry before she could bring it to me as lunchtime.  I listened and said that would be fine. Later on, as I processed homework while the students were working on a vocabulary test, I noticed that she had not turned her assignment in. I approached her and asked her about it, and she looked at me like I was crazy and reminded me that she had just talked to me about it.  I could not, for the life of me, remember the conversation. Really and truly, I was completely blank. I apologized, told her I didn’t remember talking to her, and asked her to reiterate what she had said. Again, she looked at me like I was crazy. And I thought, “AM I crazy?” Valid question. The scary thing was this wasn’t a typical case where originally the student was talking to me but I was just nodding because I was busy with other things.  I really did have that conversation with her and remembered it later on in the period, but at that exact moment, I couldn’t remember it at all. Sometimes, I’m in the middle of teaching and I just can’t form a coherent sentence although I am literally laboring to do so.  Thankfully, my students understand and just smile when I explain that my brain’s not working that day.  They smile even more when I’m holding a cup of coffee in my hand, because that means my sentences might start making sense after awhile.  So…consider this my disclaimer if this post doesn’t make sense.

This past week I conferenced with 8th graders and their parents and the week before I conferenced with 7th graders and their parents.  This coming week we have a short mid-term break from school, and I will be traveling to another town a short distance away for a day or two.  After that, I’ll be speaking in a split chapel to the middle school girls.  I’m thinking of covering the broad topic, “Lies Young Women Believe.” The following weekend, I’ll be going up to Moshi with several HOPAC staffers and attempting to run the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon.  Yes, I did use the word “attempt.”  We’ll see how it goes. My training this time around has been shoddy at best for obvious reasons, and I’m slightly terrified of trying to run a race in a higher altitude. Oh yes, and I am planning a wedding, and also having reoccurring nightmares about walking down the aisle in a bright orange wedding dress. Is that normal?

School has been plugging along.  I’m teaching persuasive writing to my 8th grade, doing a magazine project with 7th grade, and studying language variation and origination with the 6th grade.  I’m also teaching through Exodus in 6th grade Bible class. Large amounts of time are spent developing the curriculum, with the rest spent on grading papers during my prep times. In many ways, I do feel like I’m just sort of beginning to find my stride.

The power is out every single day. It alternates between being out all day and into the early evening, or being on during the day and being off in the evening hours.  It’s about 90-92 degrees on average from what I can tell, with high humidity.    

Well, I hope this is newsy enough to suffice as a real blog post. I would love to hear from YOU, dear reader, about YOUR LIFE!  Feel free to drop me a note on hotmail or facebook.  I miss you all tons.


One thought on “Orange Wedding Dresses, Psuedo-Mommy Brain, and Other Oddities

  1. aww heather! so much going on! i’m glad you are going to get a short break next week…definitely been wondering about how you’re doing and glad that you posted so i know what’s been going on in your life (kind of). if you need help with planning…seriously…let me know! i’m in the same boat! except i have it easier because i’m not doing it remotely. but i can pass along all the stuff i’ve learned so far (so much!). and i’m praying your 1/2 marathon goes well- i’m sure it will. you always get nervous before. 🙂 love you!

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