You Know You’re in Africa When…

Just hanging out.

You see grown men holding hands and casually exchanging conversation, and it isn’t weird at all.

The most loved man in all of Africa.

You see Obama images on just about everything…playing cards, kangas, lawn ornaments…etc, etc.

Cruising in a bajaji.

When given an option between driving in a car and driving in a golf cart on steroids, you choose the golf cart every time because you know it means you’ll get there twice as fast.

Samaki (fish) and chipsi mayai (french fry omelette.)

When you order fried fish, you know that the eyeballs aren’t optional.


You know that sometimes, it really is faster if you get out and push.

Always thankful that these little guys live in our house.

You can watch the food chain unfold in your kitchen on a daily basis: the cat gets the lizard that gets the spider that gets the mosquito that gets you. (How did I end up on the bottom of that food chain? Grrrr….)

Most clothes for women are hung on these types of hangers.

You are finally allowed to embrace the fact that women have hips, and if someone tells you you’re fat, it’s given as a great compliment.


7 thoughts on “You Know You’re in Africa When…

  1. That was so fun! Me too…love seeing your life in Africa. It’s so far away and at times hard to relate to so all of these images bring it to life…I think about you so often and miss you like crazy! Love you!

  2. Loved this great Photo-Essay. The hangers are so funny. I think the fish we had on the east shore of the Sea of Galilee was served like that. Lol…some in the group were not too impressed!
    Lots of love,

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