Sixth Grade Class (Taken at our Internation Day in October)

Several good things have happened this week:

1. The power was on all weekend.  We haven’t had a weekend like this in at least two months.  I can’t describe what a delicious feeling it is to use the lights and fans whenever I want and to be able to function within range of normalcy!

2. I had a fundi party at my house on Saturday (fundis, pronounced foon-dees, are the fix-it guys that you hire). One came to fix the washing machine, which has been broken for over two months and you can imagine the laundry trials we’ve had here. The other two came to fix my AC, which has been broken for over a month.  The AC got fixed THE FIRST TIME!  The washing machine fundi was not quite as successful. This was his second time around, and still “no worki.” Well, I guess third time IS the charm. I usually expect whenever I am going to get something fixed that it will take AT LEAST two attempts and weeks on end to fix it. It helps a lot to set low expectations from the get go.

3.  I THINK I successfully exterminated all 500 of the beetles that hatched in my room.  At least, I haven’t found any for the past hour, so I have high hopes.

4. Watched “Ghost in the Darkness,” a movie based on a true story about man-eating tigers in East AFrica, and was able to understand some of the Swahili. Cool! (Am also glad I’m not going on a safari any time soon.) 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the sin of omission lately.  I think I first learned of that concept from Francis Schaeffer.  It basically is the sin of not doing what should be done, and consequently missing out on the windfall of blessings that God inevitably has in store for His obedient children.  I’m not talking “health and wealth” blessings, but REAL blessings. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the sin of omission in prayer.  I must sadly confess that my prayers have been feeble and inconsistent, and I’ve excused them blithely with the long list I have in my hand detailing all my trials as of late. Maybe you would’ve excused me too, if you could read that list. But God’s been working on me and reminding me that there’s work to be done on my knees.  Inexplicably, certain students lie heavily on my heart and come to my mind throughout the day.  In my own self, I only have room for me, so I know it must be from Him.

…..Shriya……John…..  “but I’m hot, Lord.  I can’t do this anymore.” ……Ryota…….David….. “couldn’t someone else do it so much better, someone who doesn’t have a fiancé at home and a wedding to plan?”……Josie….Courtenay….. “How can I care for them when I can’t even care for myself?”…..Valia…..Justin… many more.  He wants them for Himself and He has called me to pray. Not when it’s convenient or when I feel it’s cool enough for me to have the mental capacity to pray, but NOW.

The more I come to understand HOPAC as a student body and as an institution in the city of Dar and the country of Tanzania, the more absolutely convinced I become that we stand at the crux of a fierce war. How could it be anything else, when we have students here from all over the world, students who would otherwise never hear the gospel of Christ if it weren’t for the fact that HOPAC is one of only two palatable educational options for parents of any means in this area?  Many of these parents are willing to sacrifice sending their Buddhist/Muslim/Hindu child here for the sake of giving them a good education.  They would probably never hear the true gospel otherwise. Would Satan concede this ground so easily?  I think not. Not without a fight. 

Dear friends, please pray with me for the hearts and minds of these students.  Many are enticed by the materialism and image-driven humanism of the Western World.  They watch the same TV shows and movies and listen to the same music that teenagers listen to in the states. Others are ensnared by the false religions and “truths” passed down by their families, tying their religion to their heritage and culture in a way that makes it difficult to disentangle the two. These are complex heart issues that only our Savior can truly unbind. Pray with me that Jesus would meet them where they are at, that his truth would indeed set them free, and that they would find forgiveness and grace at the foot of the cross.  Please pray as I begin to weave the Old Testament themes of redemption with the New in my sixth grade Bible class.  Pray that they could see the great theme of redemption in such a way that it changes their hearts and minds and brings them to a saving knowledge of the Savior! My words are weak, my brain is scattered, pray that God would do His work anyway.

“The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying.  He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but he trembles when we pray.”  -Samuel Chadwick


3 thoughts on “Omission

  1. so true. that theme is addressed a lot in “screwtape letters”…read it recently? i need to re-read it! how satan plays with us to keep us from praying, and keep us from desiring it..
    praying with and for you..and for your students!

  2. An update! Yay 🙂
    Anyhow, yes, totally agreed and sadly face the same difficulties just in the general business of life in the States with all the comforts of home. I always feel funny praying that I pray more, but its genuine, and I think a good request. Praying for you and your students daily!

  3. I don’t want to “stand on the other side” (Ob.11). I want to stand (on my knees) in prayer for you and the children God placed in your care. If if only temporary, it may become a value of eternity. {Hugs} to you, sweet Heather!

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