R and R in Nairobi, Kenya


Riding on a bus for about 14 hours. Aimee and I technically live “close,” but here you measure distance by time, not by actual distance. It wasn’t so bad with my book on tape.

Together again at last!


Aimee at her desk at Africa Inland Mission (AIM) headquarters. Fun to meet all her people.


Hanging out with Justin and Aimee.Another beautiful view of Kili...this time lit up with the glow of the setting sun.


Aimee's new teaching job next year: Rosslyn Academy


Traveling buddies at the Danish mission hostel in Moshi.

I got the chance to take the bus up to Nairobi, Kenya with three friends during our Spring Break. They continued on to Rift Valley Academy (RVA) to hike in the mountains. I got to hang out with Aimee and Justin. Aimee is like a sister to me and it was so nice to be able to spend some time relaxing and having good, encouraging talks with her and Justin.  I got a chance to spend the day at Africa Inland Mission headquarters, where she works, and do a bit of shopping and pampering routine.  It was perfect. I’m so blessed.


2 thoughts on “R and R in Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Love the pictures and so glad you got to get away and be encouraged! Your hair is so much lighter in Africa! 🙂

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