I’m sick today and don’t have energy to write anything, least of all something positive, so I’m appointing Jen Moser, my roomate, friend, and HOPAC’s first grade teacher, as my guest poster.  I do have the video and I’ll attach it later when I have more energy.

Okay, okay, it wasn't this big...but it WAS big!

 “Attack of the Killer Cockroach”

by Jen Moser

So on Tuesday night I believe I was minding my own business and went into the bathroom to wash my face.  Suddenly something startled me that fell down.  I looked up and I saw on the wall a GIANT cockroach.  About as long as my index finger!  I still at the point didn’t know what fell and thought maybe it had been another roach so I was looking around freaking out!  SO I ran and got my roommate Heather and we decided that the best way to try to kill it was to DOON it!  Now for those of you who do not know what it means to DOON something it is a very potent bug spray.  Since I can’t stand the thought of trying to squish that thing I thought spraying it would work nicely.  Now I knew that these things fly to my plan was to stand as close to the door as I could and spray for a distance and if it decided to fly I would slam the door shut with him inside and me outside.  Oh and Heather decided the film the process!  So I got up my nerve and started spraying with all my might!  After a few seconds of spraying things went downhill!  Suddenly the GIANT roach not only started to fly but decided to fly straight at me….I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs, ducked and slammed the door as fast as I could!  I WAS TOO LATE!  The thing flew out the door probably right over my head. I think if I hadn’t of ducked it would of hit me in the face!!! It was so traumatic.  And it still wasn’t dead.  Before we could find it it ran under the washing machine.  Drats….still alive!  Well we decided the next best thing would be to spray all around the machine and hope it kills it.  I am glad to say I have seen no sign of it since but I have been extra cautious every time I go near my bathroom now!  OH and one more thing, we did find out what fell.  Apparently it was a lizard!  GOODNESS GRACIOUS!


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