You Know You’re in Africa When (Vol. II)

You’ll see these hills, built by termites, all over the country when you’re traveling.

When the rains come and all the termites begin hatching and flying around you’re excited, because, hey, free dinner! (I jest. Tanzanians do eat these as snacks. I, however, do not.)

My favorite possession.

You count your headlamp and battery-powered fan as your most prized possessions.

Masai - photo from

You breathe a sigh of relief when a man dressed in red and purple appears in the parking lot, knowing your car is safe with him.

"Other plans" 🙂

 You have this standard Swahili line memorized for all impromptu marriage proposals, “I am very sorry, but my father has already made other plans.” (Thanks for the tip, Kate C!)

Makeshift clothesline

During rainy season, you get used to your clothes smelling slightly moldy  most of the time.

Some of my favorite things.

You shun most grocery store produce in favor of fresher, cheaper produce sold at roadside stands.

Hard Work

You’re reminded on a daily basis that most infrastructure is a direct result of someone’s sweat.

 Every decorative item you buy is inexpensive and hand-crafted.


Every day there’s a smile that just gets ya.

The people

When asked what the best thing about Africa is, you don’t even have to hesitate in answering: the people.

It always has been and always will be about the people, won’t it?

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