A Day at the Island


As sort of an end-of-the-year bash coupled with a science field trip, David Taylor and myself, the sixth grade homeroom teachers, accompanied the kids to Mbudga Island for a day away last Thursday.  It was super fun.


“Miss House, do I have a bump on my head?”  Um, yeah, you do. Where’d you get that?  “She threw a rock at me.” WHAT?!?  “Well, we were playing with sand and hers had a rock in it and it hit me, so I threw a rock back.”  <Insert lecture on rock-throwing here.>

The football gang.

“The sun ALWAYS rises in the west.”  Make sure you come and get me the next time that happens, because I certainly would like to see it.

Taking some notes.

“Miss House, do otters have gills?” No, why? “Because I swam down to the bottom of the ocean and I saw one sitting there.”

Dain points out some poisonous cacti.

“Miss House, can I give you my shoes?”  No, sweetie, I don’t want you to cut up your feet on these rocks.  “It’s okay, I’m from the village, my feet are tough!” *walks shoelessly away over spiky rocks without a flinch*

(While wading out to the boat in waist-deep water to return home.)  “Oh man, my stuff is going to get all wet.  Wait a minute! I’ve got just the thing!”

The African way.

“We go on a boat like this to get to my parents’ house. But on that river, there’s crocodiles.”

Joy, the brave missionary girl who travels with crocodiles.

“Miss House, there’s a special place deep in the forest that I like to go to sometimes. Can I go there?” Not by yourself.  (Found out later that the “special place” was an old swingset.)

Catching some waves on the boat.

“This is SO much better than going to school.”

The girls!

These children drive me absolutely crazy at times.  And I absolutely adore them.

Great memories.

A nice place to spend the day.


The boat guy.


One thought on “A Day at the Island

  1. Great pictures! Almost feel like I was there! Those kids were so blessed to have you for a school year! They’ll remember you forever and though they may forget their lessons they’ll never forget how you made them feel: Special.

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