On Abiding

Our mindset is a complete surrendering to the wise, loving, powerful will and actions of God. We adore and worship Him in all things.  We have no reason to be anxious, because we know every event rests in His sovereign care. Therefore, we have cause to be filled with true gratitude and joy, knowing that it is all for our good and His glory and we can trust Him completely with the outcome.

Therefore, we walk forward toward our heavenly inheritance and continue to do the next thing that is set before us.  Be it small or great, we are not above small tasks, nor are fearful of great tasks, for we know that each ordained and sanctified and used mightily by our Savior for the achievement of the ultimate goal.  His sovereignty gives each small task eternal weight and value, and His power gives the strength, courage, and fortitude necessary for each heavy load.

As we pray continually, the Spirit reminds us of these truths and gives us the vision and call to carry on in gratitude and love with each passing moment.  Were we to cease from this attitude of prayer, the urgency and eternal implications of the moment do not wane, but instead our awareness of them wanes. This dull complacency, this earthly-mindedness, is truly evil, for once we have ceased to remember our goal, we offer fertile ground for the seeds of self-sufficiency, greed, and idolatry.  Instead of craving more of Christ and honor to His name, we crave honor for ourselves.  Instead of rejoicing in all things, we count most things, even blessings, as burden and inconvenience.  Instead of fervently loving others, we passionately and whole-heartedly love ourselves and desire our happiness and comfort above all else.  The needs of others, instead of being a cause for celebration at the opportunity to serve and help, become hindrances to our own comfort that are to be avoided at all costs. When we are forced to do them we carry deep resentment for lost time and energy.

How can one who is saved and called fall so far from grace?  By simply neglecting one thing: the call to abide in the vine through prayer, originating with the subtle creeping in of self-sufficiency, birthed by that great and terrible mother of all sins: pride.

May we ever be alert to the elusive deceit in our own hearts, and may we at all times fall desperately at the feet of the Savior to bind these sins that so easily entangle us, knowing that each moment is precious, and that our lives are no longer our own to waste, but have been redeemed to shine with the grace and forgiveness so freely bestowed that others might also believe and be saved.


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